Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world rich in minerals and natural resources opens up new opportunities for international investors in the form of gold mining , oil trade and international trade. One of the main reasons why investors can gain more profits while investing in the country is due to low wages to employees. The government of Madagascar has established mineral policies generally with the aim of attracting foreign direct investment in the country.

The two main important sectors where investors can invest their money wisely are Mining and Oil Trade. Mother nature has blessed ample natural resources to Madagascar so that development in these sectors can turn Madagascar’s economic instability to develop financial and economic stability. Being a developed country or having a strong GDP rate some countries like China, Australia, India, USA Canada and some other countries can do a lot for the development of these sectors in Madagascar. Investing in Madagascar helps foreign investors and companies to improve their company on a large scale, their development and manpower. Madagascar Government offers a unique opportunity for investors to be a part of their investment projects.


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The concept of sustainable development has gained wide acceptance in a number of countries and international opportunities. The minerals and mining sector can be assumed as a basis of reconstruction and development in many Southern African Development Community (SADC). The government of Madagascar has established mineral policies generally with the goal of charming foreign direct investment in the country. The region of Madagascar is known for the luxury of its subsoil and renewable natural resources resulting in the development of both mining sectors oil trading. So many untapped reserves of minerals are known that should be used for economic benefits. Madagascar has a lot of resources in the country, some have been already explored, some are under consideration. The category of industrial and metallic minerals are limonite, graphite, limestone, gypsum, mica, titanium, quartz, gold, platinum group, silver, iron, copper, zinc, nickel. Energy resources consist of coal, hydrocarbons, and uranium.


Madagascar has a lot of potential for the investment in the country.
Mining Activities :- Madagascar is rich in natural resources. Gemstones, industrial and decorative stones, oil, and rare metals for mining activities
Energy Production:- Rivers, wind and sun for renewable energy production
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Mauritius, officially known as the Republic of Mauritius, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa. It is a volcanic island with lagoons and palm-fringed beaches, as well as coral reefs that surround the majority of the coastline.

Our firm, J.V. Vantage International Group, focuses on providing a wide range of services and involment in activities that enhances and boosts the economical value of the nation.

Mauritius has preserved its image as one of Africa's few social and economic success stories, being a sugar and clothing exporter and a center for up market tourism.


Madagascar although famous for its amazing flora and fauna is a country in crisis. After decades of economic crisis, health and education levels are among the lowest in the world, with an estimated 70% of the country living in poverty. At the same time, population growth is putting enormous pressure on the precious rainforest, more than half of which has disappeared. Around 9 million children live in poverty in Madagascar and around three million children do not get the adequate quantity of food that they need to grow into healthy adults. Children particularly living in rural areas are at a higher risk of malnutrition. Although the number of children in education has slightly increased, almost 906,000 do not go to school.Likewise, only one in three completes primary school. Many of them drop out of school for financial reasons, because they have to work and contribute to their families. Almost one in three children between the ages of 6 and 18 are working, especially in exploitative and dangerous conditions, including sexual exploitation.


Tourism in Madagascar is underdeveloped, despite its high tourism potential. The beaches and biodiversity of Madagascar comprise tourist attractions. The endemic wildlife and forests of the island are unique places of tourism. However, it is favourite among returning travellers to historical sites, artisan communities, and relaxed cities. For about 165 million years, Madagascar has been isolated from the African countryside and, since then, its flora and fauna have developed separately. The island has a worldwide reputation as a tourist and ecotourism destination with a focus on lemurs, birds, orchids, and is one of the world's most diverse biological areas. Over half of the birds of the island are endemic. The red-bellied lemur, aye-aye, and indri are other native species (the largest lemur species). The country as a tourist destination is becoming more and more concerned. The country has lovely landscapes and cultural resources for tourism development.These resources offer numerous opportunities for ecotourism and tourism in the resort.


Madagascar Island has enjoyed its natural bounty. The land abounds in enormous natural riches, including precious stones of varieties. A precious gem in the rock, found from the mix of translucent minerals is a rare transparent gem. The process of formation of precious stones begins at a depth of tens of kilometres and takes centuries to go. These pillars are colourless in a pure state. Indeed, the impurities and metals contained therein are responsible for their colouring. Madagascar's precious stones are usually the sapphire (green), and the ruby(red). Aquamarine, citrine, peridot, and amethyst are fine stones. Cornelian, turquoise, malachite, azurite, and lapis lazuli are decorative stones.The exploitation of the precious stones in Madagascar is and remains 80% abstract. Indeed, the extraction is mainly carried out in an artisanal way by individuals. However, the Malagasy State tries to exert control on this sector. Regarding price, the cost of a precious stone is dependent on a certain number of criteria in particular the size, quality (purity, the color), and scarcity.


As the economy of Madagascar is mainly based and driven on agriculture.This agricultural field has benefited from a significant increase in foreign investment. Madagascar is one of the world's most exporter and the largest producer of natural vanilla and having also the best quality of vanilla and cloves. Madagascar offers also large range of investment opportunities in the agricultural field. The main food in Madagascar is rice it is the main product agriculture in the country, which is grown on about one half of the agricultural land. Other important food crops are cassava, sweet potatoes, fresh vegetables, bananas, maize and beans. Leading export crops are vanilla, cloves, fruits, cocoa, sugarcane, coffee, sisal and cotton.Accordingly, to the annual output, the biggest industries in the country are the agricultural industry, seafood & fishing industry. The agriculture sector is the backbone of Madagascar’s national economy, It generates 30 to 40 % of exports and employs 80 % of Malagasy families on approximately 2.5 million of the small farms.

Investment opportunities
In Madagascar

Madagascar does not discriminate against foreign investors, nor does it prohibit, limit, or condition FDIs, according to the legal framework in Madagascar. Anyone can invest in the country, regardless of their nationality or legal status, and both domestic and foreign investors are treated equally in all sectors of the economy. Foreign ownership or control of a company in Madagascar is generally unrestricted. As long as the business is legally registered and complies with the regulations in force, both foreign and Malagasy investors are free to hold up to 100 percent of the shares of stock in the company in which they carry out their activities. Many factors facilitate doing business in Madagascar. The government believes in the exploitation of the resources it is blessed with for the progress of the country.


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Dr. Prasannan Nediyedath is CEO & Founder of Vantage International SARL, Madagascar; owns Golden Vantage Investment Co. L.L.C, Dubai; Vantage International-Human-Charity; International Human Rights Observatory etc. He runs successful companies in Madagascar, Dubai British Islands and multiple other countries. He has been an active member of the Human Rights commission and Charity programs across the globe for the last 23 years. A true Humanitarian, social activist and a global business person. We are delighted to announce that Dr. Prasannan Nediyedath has accepted to be the “Honorary Ambassador for Gender Equality and Economic Development” of MMFLP, the global women's movement and Pan-African and Caribbean girl leaders. This organization is based out of France and does a lot of charity and helping in women empowerment and development. We welcome Dr. Prasannan Nediyedath whole heartedly to support this great cause led movement.

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To be a global leader in promoting eco-friendly business practices through sustainable handling of natural resources. We strive to fulfill this by observing the core values of the company with long-term philosophy of cultivating values in the life of people and nurturing the planet through empathy and passion

  • What are the investment opportunities in Madagascar?

    Madagascar is open to a wide range of investment opportunities that attract investors. Madagascar is endowed with potential mining, agriculture, energy, tourism, and fishery. Similarly, the legal framework of the region is more flexible for foreign investors. Madagascar is implementing significant legal, procedural, and administrative reforms aimed at encouraging local and foreign investments.

  • What is blockchain technology?

    Blockchain is a type of database in which different types of information can be stored. Most commonly it is used as a ledger for transactions. Each transaction added to the blockchain is validated by multiple computers on the internet.

  • What are the main exports of Madagascar?

    The main exports of the region include cobalt, diamonds, gold, precious stones, crude oil and petroleum products.